Monday, January 12, 2009

The Trashman Cometh: Week One

The day of our first meeting came. The minutes counted down and I went outside to see if a crew showed up. To my surprise, people did!

We decided as a group that we would walk the block and pick up trash. Then, we would work on a project. We chose the flowerbed at Second and Blanchard in front of the closed Crocodile Cafe as our first project.

After filling two large leaf and garden bags with trash, we began to work on the Croc's flower bed. We started by raking the trash out of the bed. Note that we raked all of the leaves out before we touched them--needle sticks are a definite possibility in an urban garden.

While we were cleaning the bed, we made up a game to see who could find the best trash. I forget who won, but on the first day we carried out a total of five bags of trash, including:
* Two crack pipes
* A syringe
* Six lenses from broken sunglasses (now you know where those hide).
* Many broken lighters.
* A bunch of beer cans, particularly Ice House and Joose.
* A crapload of plastic wrappers from cigarette packs.

Our hour was up. We spent way more time gathering trash from the bed than we thought it would take, and there seemed to still be more layers. Maybe we would be able to trim some of the bushes next week.

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