Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary PBR!

We're excited to tell you that People's Belltown Republic has turned one. We've been working on our block every Sunday for over a year! That means PBR has contributed over 300 volunteer hours to our block this year. That's a huge accomplishement, considering we worked through one of the worst snowstorms on record and through some serious drug activity and deals. We had a ball doing it, and knock on wood, will for another year.

In the past few months, People's Belltown Republic has been very active in the neighborhood. We've continued to meet Sunday, did sheet composting on the corners, had some potlucks, attended both of the Bell Street Park Public Meetings, built connections with Belltown Citizens on Patrol, worked on our blog, talked with students from the Criminal Justice Program at Seattle University and welcomed new members to our crew.

The highlights of the trash haul for the last few months:
  • Half of a samurai sword,
  • Some personal hygenie products,
  • A free beer token from Bandit's Bar,
  • Some poetry,
  • A taupe DD bra,
  • A note saying: "I am Spider Man,"
  • Copius amounts of beer cans (Molson is the new fav)
  • Needles,
  • And of course, Crack and Crack accessories.

In happy news, the Daffodil bulbs we planted around the neighborhood last year managed to survive the winter and are coming up! This year's addition of Crocuses should cheer things up a even more. Welcome Spring!